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Our Mission

Words by James Eden
Photography by Dan Watson

Honor Tradition

Manchester (‘Cottonopolis’) was at the heart of the cotton industry and frontline of the industrial revolution. We proudly champion the virtues of this great city’s garment-making history, taking total ownership of the entire manufacturing process. Nothing is outsourced, everything is handmade, checked, controlled and certified by us.

Command Attention

We take quality, provenance and craftsmanship very seriously. We only use time-honoured, uncompromising traditions and techniques to create authentic, investment garments that are built to last and are crafted using the finest regionally sourced fabrics and materials.

Lead by Example

Our commitment to locally sourced manufacturing and transparent production results in a smaller carbon footprint, less waste and a more ethical garment. We charge a fair price that accurately reflects the quality and craftsmanship of everything we do.

Courage to Command

Whilst we respect the traditions of our industry, we embrace the Manchester way of 'doing things differently'. We are brave, bold and never afraid to lead the way in design, technology, craft and innovation whilst never surrendering to the latest fad.

Recruit and Train the Best

We enlist only the most-skilled, local craftsmen. Having honed their craft with us over many years (and in some cases decades), they rank highly through their passion, professionalism, and resolute dedication to producing garments of the highest calibre.

Years of Outstanding Service

We expect our clothes to perform out in the field and fabricate our garments, so the more they are worn, the better they age. And, because we take the quality of our products seriously, we also offer a Lifetime Repair Service on any item that’s been handcrafted by us.

Salute Iconic Style

We honour the history of true British style. We are the anti-thesis of throwaway fashion and disposable culture; a commercial enterprise with a community spirit at its heart.

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