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Introducing: The PS English Tweed Overcoat

Good design is about thinking through every aspect of a piece like a DB, and making conscious aesthetic choices. That's what makes a piece feel different when you put it on, and why it remains a favourite after five, 10, 20 years of wear.

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  • (Re)Introducing The Permanent Style Wax Walker

    During September and October we will be restocking all of the outerwear collaborations we do with Private White VC, and releasing a new version of the Donegal raglan coat.
  • Our Greatest Asset: The Outerwear OG

    With half a century now under his belt (British-made of course), Stolly asserts that his career which he has steadfastly dedicated to championing local manufacturing is “is beyond what I ever dreamed of when I started.”
  • Lessons in British Manufacturing

    Meet Ian Maclean MBE, the man running the oldest UK factory at John Smedley, whose garments are synonymous with quality and royalty (much like our own).
  • Get Britain Making Again

    “When I began work back in 1972 in Salford, Manchester had a huge raincoat industry employing 70,000 people, including those working in thriving docks which were used for export."
  • Made In Manchester For The World

    When you’re putting on your Private White V.C. Ventile® raincoat or Duster Mac, you’re probably focused on the next meeting or where your phone is. It’s unlikely you’ll wonder who made what you’re wearing. However, your coat - or any of the garments we make for that matter - has passed through multiple hands, each ensuring what you have on is the best it can be.
  • Reintroducing The Bridge Coat

    Given how diverse and fluid modern wardrobes are, pea coats are an incredibly useful piece of menswear. Few other things are versatile enough to go with smart jackets and trousers,
  • Fifty Years In The Making

    Some companies use data analysts or devise algorithms to develop their strategy, others employ brand advisors and influencers. At Private White V.C., we rely on the encyclopaedic knowledge of Mike Stoll or ‘Stolly’ as I call. His five decades working in this factory cuts through any jargon or business fad - he has seen it all in his time
  • Behind The Scenes - AW22

    Luxury comes in all shapes, fabrics and sizes. Like the facades of a building; our clothes boast ornamental detailing, dramatic silhouettes and additional functionality. Manchester boasts one of the most unique and juxtaposing building styles of any cityscape. From Edwardian to neo-modern, red brick to glass and skyscrapers to public houses, there is nothing quite like it.