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Unpicking The Ventile® Frobisher

Engineered and equipped to endure the harshest of winter conditions, the parka is named after the 16th century explorer, Yorkshireman Sir Martin Frobisher, who combatted fierce weather conditions in his attempts to discover new trade routes through the Northwest Passage.

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  • Meet The World’s Best Bartender

    Each month in our new ‘A Day in The Life’ series, modern gentlemen talk to PWVC about their personal journeys, business ventures and extra-curricular activities. We’re delighted to introduce internationally renowned bartender Joe Schofield.
  • The Fabric Of The City

    Private White V.C.'s factory in Manchester is more than a place of work - it’s a link to the past. Entwined with the history of both the city and my family, it encapsulates everything the brand is about.
  • Origins Of A Classic: Take A walk On The Wild Side

    The iconic design, as the name safari suggests, was originally constructed for use in the warmer climates belonging to rugged African savanna.
  • Meet The Makers

    For a brand based in one of the world’s most famous industrial cities and steeped in its heritage, it was surely only a matter of time before we created our Maker’s Collection, adding to a wardrobe menswear staple: workwear.
  • Lights, Camera… Action!

    Seasons come and seasons go… and I was after a timeless piece, something that champions form following function.
  • Tour Three Lookbook

    We are so excited to launch Tour Three, the final wave of our boldest, most ambitious, and most important collection ever.
  • Making Milestones: Twenty Million Pieces of PPE

    Our incredible journey through a global pandemic as told by our CEO
  • Cotton On

    Imagine a material so versatile it will keep you dry in Maine and cool in Mumbai. In an age of synthetic fabrics, of Gore-tex, Lycra, Kevlar, this super substance is cotton – the natural fibre grown and used by humans for centuries.