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Ventile® Canvas: Reimagining our Peacoat & Duffle

We’ve reengineered these two well-loved pieces of outerwear, transforming them into unlined, breathable and entirely waterproof spring jackets.

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  • Unpicking The Ventile® Frobisher

    Engineered and equipped to endure the harshest of winter conditions, the parka is named after the 16th century explorer, Yorkshireman Sir Martin Frobisher, who combatted fierce weather conditions in his attempts to discover new trade routes through the Northwest Passage.
  • Honouring Private Jack White On Remembrance Day

    Remembrance Day on 11 November has a particular significance at Private White V.C., given that the brand is named in honour of my great grandfather Jack White, who was a decorated veteran of the First World War
  • Q&A with Olivia of Hamilton + Hare

    Today, we spoke with Olivia Francis, Founder & CEO of Hamilton and Hare, who is responsible for designing refined and understated clothing for the modern man.
  • How Donegal Yarn Is Made

    See where the historic yarn is spun, right on the wind-battered coast of Ireland.
  • Hit The Road In The Leather Twin Track

    The Twin Track with its biker inspired style, is the embodiment of Nick’s philosophy; uniquely linking function with eye catching design.
  • The All New Permanent Style Navy Donegal

    This is our navy iteration, and it is primarily a large, 3x3 herringbone weave that alternates between navy and black. The combination gives the coat the true dark navy colour prized by fans of classic menswear.
  • The All New PS Olive Motor Trench Coat

    Reviewed by Simon Crompton of Permanent Style London, the leading authority of classic and luxury menswear.
  • STERLING Bar: Meet The Maker

    One autumnal afternoon, PWVC set off on the short journey from 1 Cottenham Lane to Norfolk Street in central Manchester, home to The Stock Exchange Hotel, and now to our good friend Mr Joe Schofield’s newest venture, STERLING.