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Seventy Years of Style

These seven Private White V.C. pieces – one for each decade of Queen Elizabeth’s reign – illustrate the enduring appeal of the 1950s, and how we take the best of the past and blend it with the innovations of the 21st century.

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  • On The Move With PWVC

    Influenced by the do’ers, the go-getters and the commuters on the move in their daily lives, our Spring 22 Collection is where British style and sophistication meet practicality and comfort for anywhere in the world.
  • Honouring A Remarkable Family Legacy

    James Eden, Founder and CEO of menswear staple Private White V.C. tells us about honouring is remarkable family legacy and celebrating the best of British Manufacture.
  • Destination Denim

    This month, we continuing our ‘In Conversation’ series handing over the reins to Tenue. founder and Amsterdam based denim legend Menno Van Meurs. We sit down to discuss denim (naturally), his passion for sportswear and defining the future of retail.
  • PWVC x Tenue.

    Our debut collaboration with sustainable denim pioneers Tenue. offers a capsule collection consisting of eleven made-to-last styles reminiscent of old school American sportswear constituting unprecedented style and comfort.
  • A Sense Of Calm During The Storm

    The Loro Piana® Raglan Raincoat. In pursuit of excellence, our attention draws to none other than the world’s most prestigious makers of luxury yarns and fabrics, Loro Piana. Dating back to the early 19th century in Trivero, Italy, they draw on six generations of skilled artisans, respecting ancient traditions and craftsmanship combined with cutting-edge techniques resulting in fabrics and garments.
  • The Jersey Jedi

    While developing the jersey fabric that forms a key part of the new Flâneur loungewear collection, we have been fortunate enough to draw on the experience of one of the world’s leading experts in the field.
  • Flâneur Loungewear: Luxury and comfort combined

    Sometimes change can arrive in the most unexpected fashion. A year ago, the new operation Private White V.C. had established in Manchester was turning out hundreds of high quality medical gowns and protective equipment for the NHS (National Health Service), but, as the government contracts were completed, production began to wind down.
  • Honouring Private Jack White On Remembrance Day

    Remembrance Day on 11 November has a particular significance at Private White V.C., given that the brand is named in honour of my great grandfather Jack White, who was a decorated veteran of the First World War