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Made in Manchester

Based in the heart of Manchester, Private White V.C. is run and managed by World War I Victoria Cross recipient Private Jack White’s great grandchildren, who all share his undying love, passion and dedication to British textiles and local industry. In operation for over 100 years, we continue to produce garments in an honest and traditional way; using only the finest British fabrics, trims and components, sourced locally where possible.

The wealth of manufacturing history within these four walls give a rich heritage to the Private White V.C. brand and with it, generations of experience in designing and crafting garments. Our collection of luxury casualwear reflects the consistent dedication and hard work that our Manchester factory invests into developing only the most luxurious and exclusive British garments. The incorporation of our exquisite fabrics seamlessly marries practicality with pure luxury, built on a firm foundation of both quality and timeless classics.

Nick Ashley

The collection is designed by Nick Ashley, Private White V.C.’s Creative Director. Nick has a long and illustrious history in the fashion industry. The son of Laura Ashley, the renowned fashion and interiors designer, Nick was immersed in design and creativity from an early age, so it was little wonder that he should follow in his mother’s footsteps.

Nick’s designs are influenced by Private Jack White’s wardrobe, as well as his passion for motorcycle and car racing. Nick's ability to immerse himself in everything he does is testament to the passion that goes into his creations.

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Meet the Brand

Nick Ashley Private White V.C.

"Private White V.C. is a high integrity brand; starting with wool on a sheep, weaving it locally, carefully constructing the clothes in Manchester and selling them with love to people who care about such things. These clothes are for people who have an emotional attachment to the clothes that accompany them through life."

- Nick Ashley

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