Mission Statement

For over a century our factory, nestled in the heart of Manchester, has been lovingly handcrafting garments. We feel morally and socially committed to continue to do so.

We take total ownership of the entire supply chain and life-cycle, insisting that only the very finest yarns, trims, materials and techniques are used to create our products.

Where possible we weave our own cloths using local mills, many of which have been loyal and unwavering partners with us over the years, through good times and bad.

We cherish our family, our factory, our workers, our customers, our craft and our community. At Private White V.C. we relish working with those individuals that share and respect our values.

James Eden Signature

James Eden

Great Grandson & Managing Director of Private White V.C.

Our Policies

Built on a foundation of loyalty, honesty and trust, our policies reflect our brand values in ensuring only the very best for our customers, suppliers and partners.

Lifetime Guarantee

We now offer a lifetime guarantee on all products manufactured by Private White V.C.

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Corporate Responsibility

Understand our policies for responsible sourcing, workers’ rights and minimising environmental impact

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