Human Rights

Our company houses a cosmopolitan, kaleidoscopic cultural melting pot of people. Our fair wages and non-discriminatory procedures attract the finest workers from across the world, whilst our family values retain those staff members for decades. Our longest serving members of staff have been with us for up to 45 years, whilst our newest are being trained to follow in their footsteps.

As a company we value family, quality and diversity, championing equal opportunities, rewarding loyalty and celebrating friendships.

All of our product is manufactured within the UK and therefore we will always adhere to EU Human Rights and UK employment policies. In the majority of instances, our fabrics are also sourced within the UK and otherwise from EU counterparts. We are proudly regulated by Global body SEDEX.

The rights of workers at our factory include:

  • Fair, regular wages paid on time and in full, always above minimum wage
  • Piece work, allowing workers to earn commission based on how many high-quality pieces they create
  • Absolutely no zero hours contracts – all staff are on a minimum of 38.2 hours per week contracts
  • Equal opportunity and anti-harassment rights
  • Complimentary optional English lessons for all factory staff
  • Early Friday finish at 2pm each week
  • Training opportunities
  • Paid leave, holiday and maternity
  • Citizenship sponsorships
  • Discretionary personal financial assistance

Suppliers & Responsible Sourcing

Our business principles reflect our commitment to high quality, responsible and ethical garments. From the materials and suppliers to our in-house processes, we have full visibility of our supply chain from start to finish.

Animal Sourcing Principles

We are steadfast in our commitment to quality; however, this never compromises our responsibility. We never use materials that may harm animal welfare and we have full visibility of our supply chain. We do not undertake animal testing in any of our own garment testing, and our principles are strict and regulated on the rare occasion we source externally from the UK.

Environmental Issues

We do not use chemicals in our testing or processes, proud to protect our surrounding environment. We are committed to recycling and confirm that all our packaging is 100% recyclable, and we strive to recycle all spare material and cut offs; donating to local colleges and charities where needed.

As 90% of our raw materials are sourced within a 30-mile radius from our Manchester factory, we are committed to a low carbon footprint and monitoring emission. We partner with well-known delivery services FedEx and DPD, who are committed to the same values as us in striving to lower their carbon footprint and emissions.

Community investment

We are passionately committed to our heritage and our Manchester roots, ensuring we support our local communities wherever possible, regularly supporting our local art festivals, our partners at galleries such as the Whitworth Art Gallery, and events; most prominently supplying the uniforms for the London Olympics in 2012.

We offer apprenticeships to students and young people, striving to grow and develop them, offering training across our head office and factory roles, whilst attending career fairs to give demonstrations of the type of work we offer.

Our factory is open and welcomes public tours, offering the local community the chance to discover more about the Private White V.C. history, our manufacturing processes and the level of detail and craftsmanship that goes in to each garment.