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Designer Menswear made in England
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Brand Ethos

Traditionally crafted garments using locally sourced materials

Inspired by family heritage and born out of a devotion to British manufacturing, Private White V.C. is committed to producing quality everyday menswear using the finest British materials and craftsmanship. The collection is designed by former head of Dunhill menswear, Nick Ashley and directly influenced by Jack White’s own wardrobe. The result is wearable contemporary garments which balance both timeless style and functionality.

With a unique attention to detail and a clear tip of the hat to traditional menswear, Private White V.C. is a brand for the modern gentleman who demands integrity, style and durability from his clothing.

Made in Manchester
Made in Manchester

Staying true to the roots of the man himself, all Private White V.C. clothing is manufactured in the same factory in Manchester where Jack originally started his apprenticeship after WWI, and which he later became owner of.

The factory, known to many in the industry as Cooper & Stollbrand, is staffed by a great number of local people who have seen the comings and goings of life there over many years. Sons and daughters, brothers and sisters have all worked together, with the factory playing a focal point in their lives and that of the local community.

Keeping with tradition, all the materials are sourced locally where possible with the majority of cloth being supplied from the mills in the surrounding area. These too have a wealth of history behind them and a trading relationship with the factory going back to Jack White’s days.

Materials Materials

The majority of materials, including Private White V.C.’s very own signature cloth are made at Mallalieu’s of Delph, only a few miles from the factory, nestled on the border between Lancashire and Yorkshire. The mill is a fascinating mix of tradition and technology as the transformation from yarn to cloth becomes a reality.

With the yarn sourced from Gledhill’s across the valley and the workers again time-served local apprentices, Private White V.C.’s commitment to British heritage is something Jack himself would be proud of. And as a true Yorkshireman, he’d be even prouder that the mill’s washing water comes direct from the moors behind.