Quality, Longevity, & Loyalty

At Private White V.C. we take quality, longevity and loyalty seriously. We want your clothes to accompany you through life, our classic styles to be an enduring part of your wardrobe whilst you undertake adventures and make memories. This is why we now offer a lifetime guarantee on all products manufactured by Private White V.C.

When you purchase from Private White V.C., you will be issued with a certificate of authenticity, as well as a complete care pack with instructions on how to maintain your garments best qualities and your warranty documents.


If your garment is damaged due to a manufacturing fault, we will repair or replace it free of charge, at our discretion. This warranty applies only to original garments purchased directly from Privatewhitevc.com or one of our official stores or authorised partners. You should carefully follow the care instructions on the label of your garments closely, as failure to do so will void your warranty.

We will not cover accidental damage, damage caused neglect, nor will we cover the breakdown of natural materials over time under this warranty due to standard wear and tear. However, we may be able to repair these faults for a reasonable charge, should you wish.

Arrange a Repair

To arrange a repair, you must first contact customercare@privatewhitevc.com before sending back your product. We can then confirm whether your warranty is applicable, advise you of next steps and, where applicable, our out of warranty repair procedure.

What is 'Product Lifetime'?

The product lifetime does not mean your lifetime. The lifetime of a product depends on the amount of use the garment receives, the following of its care instructions, the materials and fibres it is crafted from and the reasonable lifetime one would expect a garment to last for. The warranty will only cover the original owner and product lifetime definitions will be made at our discretion. Reasonably, we would not expect a garment to last forever; over time colours fade and hems fray, and we will take this into consideration when assessing your lifetime warranty.

What isn't Covered Under My Warranty?

We will not cover the damage of a garment through neglect or improper care. Rips and tears, fraying and discolouration can be asses sed via our out-of-warranty repairs process, however we will take into account the lifetime of the product at this stage. We will provide repairs to altered products, provided they have been altered by ourselves. If you have altered or tailored your garment using an external service, we may repair and assess areas of the garment that have not been altered. Please note, re-waxing of garments is not a service we provide and would not be considered a fault as this is required product upkeep over time, depending on usage.

How do I Submit My Claim?

You can fill in the above form, or alternatively you may email the details to customercare@privatewhitevc.com. If you would like to speak to us before submitting a repair or to discuss your claim, you can contact the customer care team on 0161 834 3062

How Long do Repairs and Warranty Claims Take?

Once we receive your warranty claim, providing all the requested information is complete, we aim to be in contact with a solution within 2-3 working days. At this stage, we will confirm if you should send your garment to us, and will confirm a likely timescale we anticipate your repair to take. From the point of us receiving the garment, this process should take no more than 2 weeks. We will advise you if this process is expected to take longer than this.

We will confirm an approximate timescale of repairs not under warranty once we have assessed your claim and confirmed the level of repairs needed.

Will I Get a Replacement?

In some circumstances, where your garment is beyond repair and is deemed as covered by your warranty, we will replace at our discretion with a garment as closely matching your original purchase as possible. If, in this instance, we cannot arrange a suitable alternative, we may offer a credit note to the original amount of the garment, to be used towards a new purchase.

How Much Do Out of Warranty Repairs Cost?

If we deem your product is not covered by its lifetime warranty, we will be in touch to discuss costs of out of warranty repairs if applicable. Costs will vary depending on the extent of the damage, material used and craftsmanship required to repair. Costs will be reasonable to cover only the cost of materials and labour, and not for profit. We will do our utmost to accommodate repairs, however if we deem your garment beyond repair, it may be that we recommend it is time for a replacement.

Can You Alter My Garments?

We do provide an alterations and made to measure service; you can find out more about this service here.

Who Covers the Cost of Returns?

You, the customer are responsible for the safe delivery of your garment to our head office. We recommend using a shipping service you trust, with a signed for or tracked delivery options as we cannot be held responsible for untracked garments. We, Private White V.C. will absorb return postage costs to the customer on completion of the repair.

Is Every Private White V.C. Garment Covered by Your Lifetime Warranty?

All of our core product offering is covered by the warranty. However, we cannot cover damage to branded products that have not been crafted in our factory. Should you find a fault with these products, you may still contact us with your query and we will endeavour to find a solution with the brand in question. Some products will not be covered by the warranty, for example if they are not part of our core offering or are in collaboration with a partner. These items will be detailed in the product descriptions on our website.